Billy’s Trip is underway!

After months of procrastination I have published the travelogue of our much loved uncle , who died in his thirties and left us with memories of a kind, vibrant and clever man. It is now available on Kindle as an ebook and I hope to expand onto other platforms and produce a print copy in the near future.


Ellen’s Trip is underway!

It’s my third novel, ‘Another Mother’s Child’ and like the others is a work of fiction loosely based on the life of my great grandmother, Ellen.  Here is an early review.

On one level this is a story of how Lizzie struggles to trace the history of a relative who emigrated from Ireland to New York in the early years of the twentieth century. But really this is a subtle and challenging examination of family ties and responsibilities. How do the different generations play the hands they have been dealt, and what right do we have to judge them in hindsight by today’s standards? We find that Lizzie’s great, great grandmother Ellen was a brave and resourceful woman, loyal and prepared to make unselfish sacrifices to those she cares for. She is an inspiration to Lizzie as she herself prepares to face her own challenges.”

John Ashby, actor/musician and singer/songwriter. 

The novel will be published later this summer. Here is the front cover, featuring the local landscape and a close relative of Ellen’s.