Flash- The Tiny Teenage Tortoise. Available now!

Help us to end the injustice of homelessness by buying this inspiring book. All profits go directly to help people who need it most. For more information please go to www. Shekinah.co.uk

When I became the proud keeper of a tortoise called Flash it gave me the idea of writing a book which would raise funds for homeless people, as I knew that my tortoise will never be homeless, he has his home on his back.
So, I developed the idea, consulted with the Shekinah Mission in Plymouth and then drafted the book. Having sent a request for artistic help to Plymouth College of Art, I was delighted when second year art student , and mother of three, Yazmine Labban , offered to do the illustrations.
Yazmine is a qualified counsellor as well as an artist and has worked for Barnardos Charity. She enjoys reading to her own children and has worked closely with Mary to develop a range of illustrations which are colourful, clear and not overwhelming
We both share a desire to help the homeless and those seeking to rehabilitate and this collaboration has resulted in a children’s book which aims not only to raise funds for Shekinah but also to raise awareness amongst the youngest members of our society, who will undoubtedly have the most influence in shaping our community’s future .
Together we have successfully imagined how Flash and his animal friends can represent the street scenes and experiences of homeless people.
‘Flash, the Tiny Teenage Tortoise ‘ it is very much focussed on stimulating the imagination of children along with their parents and caregivers, resulting in a colourful, clear , optimistic book, suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years of age and will be available in May 2020. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact enquiries@barnowlmodbury.co.uk. It will also soon become available on Amazon as a Kindle Book.

Here are a few examples of the illustrations and themes