Another Mother’s Child.

Hannah Cahalane outside her home at Lahana, Drimoleague, West Cork ( photograph provided by kind permission of Diarmuid O’Sullivan, her son.)

Another Mother’s Child ( to be published July 2021)

The story begins in rural Ireland at the turn of the twentieth century, where young Ellen Clancey is in trouble.  Resourceful, brave and determined, she manages to turn something which could have been a disaster into a lifelong challenge.  Her actions take her from her home at Lahana, near Derryleague in West Cork to a new life in America.

Her great- great- granddaughter is Lizzie. She, a city girl living a liberated twenty first century lifestyle, is tasked with uncovering the secrets surrounding Ellen’s life. In the process of discovery she develops a deeper compassion and understanding of her own family.

 As Lizzie and her sister, Faith, follow Ellen’s journey from Ireland to America, their assumptions are challenged as they grow to understand their own relationships, values and lifestyles.  

Ellen may have little in common with twenty-first century Lizzie. But as Lizzie uncovers her ancestor’s secret, she discovers there can be more than one version of the past, more than one way of appreciating the motives of those who have few choices.

The story holds gems of discovery up to the light, mapping a pathway between Ellen and her great-great-granddaughter Lizzie.

This is a book with a smattering of social history, and a clutchful of characters who are, of their time, the best they can be. It will appeal to readers who enjoy ancestor searching, a who-do-you-think-you-are story of power, heartbreak, equality and love.

a powerful story of human misfortune and resilience, movingly told, and with a striking cast of characters conveying the spirit of both eras.’ Charles Becker, Independent author and academic.

©Diarmuid O’Sullivan, the author’s cousin, a member of Cork Camera Group, has created a range of stunning photographs of the West of Ireland. They all relate to the surrounding areas- Cork, Kerry or Killarney and give the story a sense of place.

Fastnet Lighthouse, known as Ireland’s Teardrop.

In true McClarey fashion, the book, Another Mother’s Child which should have been first, is now last.

Long Road, Many Turnings the  Collins-McCann-West family saga,  becomes the half-way marker.

It was followed by Time for a change, continuing the story of some members of the family, but set in Belfast and Derry during the period known as ‘The Troubles’.

After that second book had been published a return visit to the small  town of Drimoleague in Ireland, gave inspiration for a third novel and although the characters are all new, it mirrors the other books both in period ( Rural West Cork, Ireland, 1900s) and in the theme of family continuity, covering more than one generation. Readers who enjoyed  ‘Long Road, Many Turnings’ will recognise the similarities. This is a story rich in mystery, tragedy and hope.

Would you like to start reading the trilogy now?  Just click one of the links on the Long Road, Many Turnings page or the Time for a change page. They are paperback direct from me( free P&P in UK) or  Amazon, or Kindle edition. you choose!